Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

First African Conference On Remittances and Postal Networks Addresses Cost of Sending Money [press release]

Each year more than US$60 billion in remittances is sent to and within Africa but often at great expense. Finding ways to leverage this powerful financial and development force by making remittance

IIC Boss Wants Public Entities Appoint PROs

The Commissioner of the Independent Information Commission (IIC), Cllr. Mark Bedor-Wla Freeman, has noted that most public institutions have not met Article 3.6 of the FOI Law, dealing with appointment of Public

Breast Cancer a Problem for Women – President Zuma

President Jacob Zuma says breast cancer remains a serious problem and it is crucial that South Africa gives its utmost attention to the cancer as it affects scores of women in the

SKA to Enhance Development in SA

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says the South African government has identified the construction of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) as a strategic infrastructure project overseen by the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Committee. The

Ghana's Digital Advertising Industry Begins to Take Off – Big International Brands Take Online and Mobile Seriously [analysis]

The digital advertising industry in Africa is beginning to show the first signs of beginning take shape. Digital spend on banners and social media is increasing, particularly amongst consumer brands aimed at

Swazi Police Halt Democracy Meeting

Police in Swaziland stopped trade unionists from meeting on Saturday (28 February 2015) to discuss the need for multi-party democracy in the kingdom. Armed police stopped supporters of the Trade Union Congress

First Lesotho Election Results Due Sunday Afternoon

Pretoria – The first results in Lesotho’s general elections were expected later on Sunday after voting stations closed late Saturday afternoon. Counting began soon after the closing of voting stations, with Southern

Uebert Angel – From Grace to Grass

Prophet Uebert Angel faces possible jail term, a life-threatening disease and a stream of accusations involving illicit relationships with various women. Our reporter Phyllis Mbanje recounts the exploits of the youthful preacher

Manipulate and Mislead – How Gmos Are Infiltrating Africa

The most persistent myth about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is that they are necessary to feed a growing global population. Highly effective marketing campaigns have drilled it into our heads that GMOs

Bensouda, you're so evil, let's do lunch Friday, ok? (Africa Review)

A woman who is hated by many in Kenya arrived in Uganda Thursday, and was treated quite well. We are talking here of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda.

New Range Rover Evoque unveiled (The Nation (Nigeria))

The Range Rover Evoque’s progressive exterior and interior design is a beauty to behold. The carefully revised exterior, together with the introduction of full-LED adaptive headlamps and six new alloy wheel designs,