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How Farming Might Have Changed Our Evolutionary Course (Medical Daily)

With the introduction of agriculture, farmers may have been able to spend more time reproducing and less time trying to survive, spurring changes in genetic diversity. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock If you’ve

Open Skies is a Model of Success, Says Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer (PR Newswire)

Warns against action which would restrict competitive choice for travellers NEW YORK, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Open Skies has been “a model of success, generating enormous benefits for travellers and for

Napafrica Peering Boosts Cross Border Business

Africa’s largest Internet exchange (IXP), NAPAfrica says that the digital divide still exists and new innovative approaches such as peering should be better utilised if Africa is to ever have full access

Louis Mhlanga Headlines Gaborone International Jazz Festival

ZIMBABWE born jazz maestro Louis Mhlanga, is set to headline al the Gaborone International Jazz Festival scheduled for April 4 at the beautiful Serokolwane Lawns in Gaborone. The venerated guitarist will share

Higher Education Must Be Higher Priority [opinion]

“In 2011, the average gross rate of tertiary education enrolment in Africa was 8% against a world average of 27%. Even with those low figures, demand for university admission continues to exceed

Zambia, Japan Fostering Economic Ties

SHIFTING diplomatic relations from mere political or military diplomacy to economic co-oporation is proving to be the best approach to get sustainable economic benefits from bilateral relationships. The major challenges being faced

NCA Producers Dealt a Double Blow As Oshakati Abattoir Is Forced to Close

Operations at the Meatco Oshakati abattoir has been halted in their tracks since the beginning of the year and all exports to South Africa as the main market have been banned, due

'S.A Safe Haven for Murderers'

Zimbabweans can commit murder with impunity and flee to South Africa and other countries that do not recognise the death penalty because such countries are refusing to extradite suspects for fear that

Kampala Life Better Than Nairobi – Study

Kampala offers a higher living standard for expatriates than Nairobi, according to a survey by London-based Mercer Insights, a global consultancy offering talent advisory services. The Ugandan capital is ranked 169th globally

Market Sheds N264 Billion as Profit Taking Persists

It was only nine stocks that recorded price appreciation at the stock market on Monday as bears descended on high cap stocks, dragging the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) All-Share Index below 30,000

Fodder Shortages Because of Drought Affects Milk Supply

The drought could mean substantial shortages on fodder supply to milk farmers and therefore a drop in milk production. Gunther Ling, Managing Director of Namibia Dairies – Namibia’s primary dairy, water and

Nigeria Ranks Second in the 'Affordability Index's Ranking' of Developing Economies

Nigeria has been ranked second in the Affordability Index’s ranking of developing economies – scoring higher than other African developing economies like Kenya, Morocco and Uganda, and higher even than some emerging