Daily Archives: March 22, 2015

Galadima – I Will Not Step Down for Jonathan, Buhari [interview]

Buoyed by a renewed confidence following the shift in the election date, some of the lesser known political parties and their candidates are taking the opportunity to gradually step up their campaign

Top Portfolio Products: Global X Adds Two Dividend ETFs (ThinkAdvisor)

By Marlene Y. Satter   New products and changes introduced over the last week include two ETFs from Global X; a wealth management cloud platform from Advisor Software; and a B2C service

High-Tech to the Rescue of Southern Africa's Smallholder Farmers

Agriculture is the major employer and a backbone of the economies of Southern Africa. However, the rural areas that support an agriculture-based livelihood system for the majority of the nearly 270 million

Zimbabwe to Buy Corn From Zambia

ZAMBIA plans to sell as much as a third of its record corn crop to regional countries including Zimbabwe as drought and floods in neighbouring nations decimate harvests of the grain used

Top 10 herbs for pain relief (The Ozarks Sentinel)

Pain  management could sometimes seem like turning to dogs when the typical pharmaceutical drugs are not headed to the path of your pain relief. Herbal pain relief treatments- like natural medicines which