Daily Archives: April 10, 2018

Home Affairs to brainstorm strategy for long queues

The Department of Home Affairs has been directed to prepare a comprehensive report and strategy on managing the long queues at their offices across the country.The directive came from Home Affairs Minister

Mama Winnie a true freedom fighter

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela always believed that freedom had to be fought for and achieved.She was from the onset part of a determined force of resistance, he said.Speaking

The rock that was Mama Winnie

Very few people in South Africa can claim to be unfamiliar with the statement: 'When you strike a woman, you strike a rock'.This statement, which grew popular in the 1950s, became

Hawk’s eye on Goodwood prison after warder stabbing

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation at Goodwood Correctional Facility after a stabbing incident that left two warders seriously injured.The warders were stabbed on Monday by an offender while they were unlocking