Daily Archives: June 22, 2019

Bad time and wrong move for Port Alfred watch thief

A 23-year-old Port Alfred thief thought its time he acquired two watches and a cellphone, but left a trail that led police straight to his house. This happened after two rented homes

More than 120 people arrested as police pounce on wanted suspects

Police arrested more than 120 suspects that are wanted for serious and violent crimes such as murder, armed robbery, fraud, rape, assault and house breaking during operations that were held in Alexandra,

France 2019 group stage: Global interest hits new highs

After 36 matches over 14 consecutive days of football, the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019� has already reached the knockout stage with many achievements to look back on. Below is a

Five youths survive random shooting, police probe attempted murder

Police in Kamesh are investigating a case of attempted murder after a passenger in a red Toyota Sprinter allegedly fired several shots at five pedestrians in Kamesh, Uitenhage yesterday.On Friday, 21 June