21 Firemen Graduate In Nakuru

Nakuru County has seen its first cohort of firemen go through disaster management training as part of measures to establish well-equipped fire stations and rescue centers in all 11 sub-counties by 2027.

The training, carried out in partnership with the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), focused on various disaster response areas that included fire command systems, emergency medical care, structural firefighting and personal skills such as discipline.

County Executive Committee Member for Public Service, Devolution, Citizen Engagement, Disaster Management Humanitarian Assistance, Jacqueline Osoro, implored the officers to use the skills they have acquired to tackle various disasters such as fires, accidents, and floods among others.

‘This training will help the county have adequate capacity to respond effectively to emergencies, including fires, floods, and accidents, particularly since Nakuru is a transit for the busy Nairobi-Nakuru-Busia Northern corridor,’ added Osoro.

The CECM disclosed that Nakuru County und
er the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, has plans to have fully equipped fire stations and rescue centers in all the sub-counties by 2027, as expounded in the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).

‘Use these skills that you have acquired to tackle various disasters in the county and outside the county, as may be requested. We promise to look into issues affecting the officers so that we can enhance their work,’ she noted.

The firefighters, who showcased their skills with a coordinated fire drill to demonstrate their capability in handling fire incidences, also received training on counter-terrorism response as well as counseling to maintain their well-being and mental health, among others.

The 21 firefighters were drawn from the Nakuru City, Molo and Naivasha Sub counties stations.

Nakuru has made tremendous strides in disaster response since Governor Susan Kihika took over the leadership of the county, with plans to acquire more modern equipment to respond to various disasters.

Source: Kenya N
ews Agency

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