A safe and secure Joe Gqabi District as communities greet the New Year

In an effort to ensure that communities feel safe and protected as mandated by the Constitution to prevent, combat and investigate crime, maintain law and order and bring to book those who disregard the law, the SAPS of the Joe Gqabi District conducted various crime combating operations throughout the District under our Operation Safer Festive Season.

Several stations embarked on crime prevention activities including roadblocks from Aliwal North the N6, Mount Fletcher N 56 and Barkly East R58.

Members from Visible Policing, K9, POPS, OCC and the traffic departments formed part of the teams that worked during the day and night hours.

Fines of over R2000 were issued.

At Burgersdorp, LadyGrey and Sterkspruit the other stations were joined in our enhancement of crime prevention patrols under the theme of “extending our reach through blue light visibility”.

Actions include blue light patrols, stop and search, visits to liquor outlets and the enforcing of the DMA regulations. SAPS also encountered some resistance but the issues were brought under control by the assistance of the POPS unit.

People were arrested for drunk and disorderly and fines issued for not complying with the Liquor Act.

The acting District Commissioner Brig Rudolph Adolph commended the members on their commitment and dedication to ensure a safe environment as we entered the year 2022. Keep up with the good work!

Source: South African Police Service

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