African descents in diaspora inaugurate union in Nigeria

African descents in the diaspora on Thursday formally inaugurated the African Diaspora Union (AFRIDU-NIGERIA) as a unifying platform.

The union which was inaugurated by the President-General of the group, Archbishop Chidiebere Ogbu, is aimed at ensuring unity, empowerment, and progress of all members as well as providing a strong voice for African descents in the diaspora.

Speaking during an international conference of African Descents in Diaspora and the Launch of AFRIDU-NIGERIA, in Abuja, Ogbu said the inauguration of the union marked the beginning of the actions that needed to be taken in furtherance of the objectives of the group.

He said it was in recognition of the diverse cultures and languages of the African people all over the world, the diverse historical facts of all the African and black people all over the world, that AFRIDU adopted the Tripod Stand of Integration of the Diaspora.

(This relates to) “Those African Diasporas who wish to return to their motherland Africa and become part of Africa and participate in every endeavor as Africans with full rights of African citizenship.

“Those African Diasporas who believe in investing in Africa and become part of the African businesses and economy.

“Those who wish to identify themselves with the African culture and inheritance through their genealogy with intention of participation in all African affairs, but not having the intention of returning back to Africa their motherland.

“As part of our vision to actualise the dreams and aspirations of the Africans in Diaspora 6th Region, AFRIDU appointed special envoys, ambassadors to Continents and regions, Diplomatic Administrators over countries, and Directors in different departments without distinction of Creed, Race, Religion, Politics,” he said.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of AFRIDU-NIGERIA’s Board of Trustees (BOT), King Alfred Diete Spiff said the conference was organised to celebrate “our rich heritage from arts to science and to politics.”

He described the establishment of the union as a significant development that will ensure unite African descents regardless of their individual differences and enable them to speak with a strong voice for the empowerment and progress of the members.

The traditional leader urged the gathering to remember that whereas the challenges before the country were numerous, the opportunities available were countless.

He added that the success of AFRIDU-NIGERIA will depend on the collaborative efforts of stakeholders.

Spiff expressed the belief that “together we can make it a success toward a better future with a renewed sense of unity and focus.

Also speaking much earlier, AFRIDU-NIGERIA’s Diplomatic Administrator, Dr Onwubuya Breakforth said the union”foresees a united and thriving global network for Africans in diaspora where cultural richness is embraced, economic, social, and educational opportunities are maximised.

“And the collective strength of our diverse heritage propels us toward a brighter future.”

Onwubuya said that with the inauguration of the union, AFRIDU-NIGERIA would implement various programmes such as establishing Diaspora Memorial City as a resource hub to assist new comers in Nigeria with integration, legal matters, and cultural orientation.

He said the union would provide scholarships to African diaspora students in Nigeria to foster academic growth.

He added that among things, the union would organise festivals to celebrate African traditions, music, art, and cuisine.

According to him, AFRIDU-NIGERIA would offer business and entrepreneurship support by offering guidance and resources for diaspora members interested in starting or growing businesses in Nigeria.

“The launch of AFRIDU-NIGERIA signifies a major breakthrough for the continent. Descents taken away into slavery are willing to return home.

“Nigeria is acting the big brother role and is taking the lead to encourage them to come back home and help lift Africa out of the situation it is in,” he said.

Dr Moriel Mcclerklin, AFRIDU Ambassador to the U.S. and Canada, who addressed the gathering described Nigeria as the power centre of Africa.

Mcclerklin said African descents in the diaspora “have gained great substance, spiritual vitality, and material endowment to be in a position to desire to return to Africa and contribute to its greatness.

“We seek nationhood and citizenship. We do not seek to return as foreign investors. If it is my money only that you seek, then I would better off staying back in the United States.

“Reunion with our African kindred is what we seek. We need to restore nationhood to the millions of Africans that were taken away into slavery to foreign lands.

“The destiny of Nigeria is their destiny as well. We believe that if Nigeria takes the lead in Africa the others will follow.

“Nigeria must take the lead in ushering in a new era – an era of renaissance.”

Another speaker, Dr Barryl Bietman, the AFRIDU Ambassador to Europe and who is based in the Netherlands, described the launch of the union as a timely and significant development in the history of Africa.

Bietman congratulated the leadership of the union for coming up with the initiative saying that the success of AFRIDU could not be separated from the concept and history of African civilization.

She maintained that no amount of money could serve as proper compensation for the experience Africa was forced to pass through during slavery and slave trade.

“No amount of money can repair the damage made to the mind and spirit of the African. We need reparation of the African mind and spirit.

“And no one can do that for us. We are the ones that can do it – by ourselves. What we need is self-reparation.

The African Diaspora Union is a civil society and Pan African Organisation founded in South Africa in 2018

It is established in all the continents and the global regions with a view to integrating diaspora Africans into Africa in the spirit of brotherhood (Ubuntu).

Source: News Agency of Nigeria

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