Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Daniel Kashikola, has called upon the community to honour and remember the sacrifices made by heroes and heroines in the struggle for Namibia’s liberation.

Kashikola emphasised the significance of commemorating those who gave their lives for the nation during an event held at the Ontananga Centre in the Olukonda Constituency on Friday.

The deputy minister said the purpose of the Heroes’ Day commemoration at Ontananga was to reflect on the history of the liberation struggle, the hardships endured during the war, and to acknowledge the progress made since Namibia achieved its independence in 1990. He stressed the importance of recognising both the fallen and living heroes who contributed to the freedom, independence, peace, and stability enjoyed by the country over the past 33 years.

“We want to remember those who made it possible for us to enjoy the freedom and independence we have today and for us to enjoy the peace and stability we are hailed for as a country,” Kashikola said.

He urged the community to take stock of the nation’s journey while commemorating heroes and heroines, and to actively collaborate with the government in its efforts to enhance and develop the country.

“As we pay tribute to our heroes, let us prioritise peace and attentively heed our leaders,” Kashikola said.

Addressing the concerns of the region, Phillemon Ndjabula, the Regional Councillor of Olukonda Constituency, highlighted the pressing issue of drought in the area. He said the constituency office has experienced a surge in requests for food assistance due to inadequate rainfall during the year. Ndjabula also noted the widespread unemployment and the challenges faced by many individuals in obtaining national documents.

Joseph Shongolo, a former freedom fighter, shared a brief account of the events of 26 August 1966, and encouraged the youth to embrace and celebrate Heroes’ Day. He emphasised that the youth are the future and should be well-informed about the nation’s history and its heroes and heroines.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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