GAUTENG – Brackendowns Police Station is temporarily closed for decontamination due to Covid – 19 related matter.

The Community Service Centre will be closed but a temporary office is made available at the station.

Telephone lines at Brackendowns SAPS Community Service Centre will not be accessible during closure.

The SAPS management apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from this. The community can call 10111 for Brackendowns SAPS’ assistance.

The Community is advised to contact the following numbers:

Station Commander: Colonel Ismail 0825565069.

VisPol Commander: Lt Colonel Engelbtech 0824613539.

Detective Commander: Lt Colonel Mateisi 0823199794.

Support Commander: Lt Colonel Van der Westhuizen 0823012232.

Standby duty Officer: 0823012232.

Relief cell 0726389204 / 0716756878.

Communication Officer: W/O Gerhard Cornelius 0716761112

Source: South African Police Service

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