Classes to resume at Wits

The University of Witwatersrand Council has announced that classes will resume on Monday to ensure the continuation of learning, teaching, research and administrative activities of the university, and successful completion of the academic year.

Peaceful protests will still be allowed in designated areas. All vehicles entering the campus will be searched and students found to possess dangerous weapons will be disarmed and face suspension.

We are committed to completing the 2016 academic programme and to ensuring that examinations are written. Senate has approved a revised calendar for 2016, as well as developed contingency plans to ensure that examinations are written, the university said in a statement.

The executive team noted that it was clear that everyone in the university community has the same goal to work as a community to realise the goal of free, quality higher education.

We firmly believe that this can be done at the same time as finishing the academic year. No student should see a year’s worth of work come to nothing, along with the financial sacrifices that they, and their families have had to make.

We believe that this campaign has been strengthened by a collective commitment from the entire university community to seek meaningful and speedy ways to make university education accessible, but it is also clear that the majority of the university community and society at large desperately want to save the academic programme of the university.

Source: South African Government News Agency