President Cyril Ramaphosa has offered condolences to the family of anti-apartheid activist and former President of the South African Council on Sport (SACOS) Frank van der Horst.

Van der Horst passed away at the age of 86.

‘The passing of Frank van der Horst makes us recall an era of grassroots, non-racial and inter-sectoral resistance to apartheid, and international support for our struggle. As part of the generational leadership of Norman Naidoo, Hassan Howa, Morgan Naidoo and Joe Ebrahim, Frank van der Horst made a crucial contribution as SACOS President to the sustained political pressure faced by the apartheid system in its closing decade,’ President Ramaphosa said.

In a statement on Wednesday, the President said South African sports is now richer because of the legacy left behind by van der Horst and SACOS.

‘Today, South African sport continues to benefit from Frank van der Horst’s and SACOS’s legacy in the form of administrators who played their sport under the SACOS banner and now lead sports deve
lopment in our country as well as federations and teams who are welcome throughout the world.

‘As a nation, we are grateful for a struggle Frank waged with courage, principle and clarity. His values and the example he set will sustain us while he rests in peace,’ President Ramaphosa said.

According to the Presidency, SACOS, which was established in 1973, ‘fought against racial segregation in South African sport and campaigned for equal access to facilities’.

‘SACOS worked closely with civic organisations, youth movements, trade unions and underground liberation structures on numerous campaigns and protests. SACOS resisted South Africa’s participation in international sport with only white athletes.

‘Through its recognition by the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, the United Nations Committee Against Apartheid Sport and the global anti-apartheid movement, SACOS exercised sport as a platform through which to highlight the impact of apartheid on all areas of the lives of oppressed communities.

‘The Presi
dent extends his condolences to the friends and associates nationally and globally of Mr Van der Horst as well as the generation of athletes who practised their sport while Mr Van der Horst led the non-racial sports movement,’ the Presidency said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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