Culpable homicide on N2 freeway – Kabega Park

Kabega Park police is urgently trying to trace the parents of two boys who were victims of a serious accident which took place on the N2 Freeway in Kabega Park yesterday.

It is alleged that at about 16:45, the boys approximately 12-13 years old were attempting to rob a female hitch-hiker who was standing on the N2 heading towards Mossel Bay. When a passing motorist stopped to help the woman, the boys ran across the freeway. They were hit by a Quantum taxi heading towards Port Elizabeth. One of the boys died on impact while the other was transported to hospital in a serious condition.

Both children are coloured males and it is suspected that they are from Helenvale. A name of the deceased child was given to police however it is not known where in Helenvale he lived or whether that is his correct name.

Police is appealing to anyone who may assist in tracing the children’s parents to contact SAPS Kabega Park detectives on 041 397 6802 or 041 3976867.

Source: South African Police Service