Employment and Labour cautions suppliers of fraudulent purchase orders scam

The Department of Employment and Labour in the Free State is cautioning existing and potential suppliers against scammers issuing fraudulent purchase orders.
This comes after the department noted with concern the reports of scammers who are contacting suppliers posing as officials, requesting quotations on various items and later issuing fake purchase orders of the said items to unsuspecting suppliers.
“Regrettably, some suppliers have fallen victim to this scam and unknowingly delivered the items to scammers without payment.
“While the department continues to investigate this fraudulent activity, suppliers are urged to guard against indicators of fraud in order to avoid falling victim to such scams,” the department said.
The following may indicate fraud:
• Incorrect domain name used to send emails and purchase orders. A valid departmental email address always ends in @labour.gov.za
• Poorly written email with grammatical errors
• Contact numbers not associated with the Department of Employment and Labour
• Large product quantities are requested.
• Hovering over the email address may reveal the originator’s email address if different from that displayed.
To authenticate the validity of a request for quotation and purchase order suppliers are urged to email Nthabiseng.tjawane@labour.gov.za or call 051 505 6239.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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