The department of Employment and Labour in Limpopo has cautioned work seekers to refrain from sending acquaintances to submit job applications on their behalf.

The Department’s Public Employment Service Unit hosted a work seekers registration drive outside Jane Furse, in Ga-Mashabela on Wednesday.

The purpose of the drive was to help correct errors that most work seekers make when drafting CVs as well as registering them on the Employment Service of South Africa.

Speaking to the work seekers, Career Counsellor Thabo Kgoale said that there is a lot of mistakes that work seekers make that hinder them from getting employment.

Kgoale said the mistakes include typing errors, untidy CVs, asking advice pertaining CV writing from unknowledgeable individuals, poor interview skills and not putting required skills and knowledge on the CVs. 

Kgoale informed work seekers to compile CVs that are fully detailed and updated according to the post they are applying for.

“On the referencing part, applicants should put their former employers as they know their work ethics, qualities and skills rather than family members.

“Young people have devices that can be used to look for employment but rather spend time on sites that are not self-empowering. Visit online newspapers to check for job opportunities, check billboards and notice boards,” Kgoale said.

Work seekers were encouraged to prepare before going for interviews, look presentable and also research about the job, consult with Career Counsellors about the nature and background of the job as well as have self-confidence during interviews. 

Kgoale further cautioned work seekers to stop sending people to submit applications on their behalf but rather make an effort to look for employment on their own.

Work seekers were also urged to be cautious of scammers and apply for opportunities that are known by everyone and do not require cash in return.

“Even though you have no qualifications, there are jobs that do not require qualifications and matric such as hair plating, selling items, and artwork and therefore yo should never undermine your ability while waiting for permanent employment. Through ESSA we will make a difference in the communities,” Kgoale said. 

The drive is set to continue on today at Phaahla Community Hall, and on Friday at Marishane Moshate.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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