Employment and Labour on suspension of AMCU deregistration

Labour Registrar suspends AMCU deregistration

The office of the Labour Relations Registrar wishes to announce that following a number of written representations from the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) it has decided not to continue with the deregistration of the union.

Sometime in March 2019 the Labour Relations Registrar issued a notice of intention to deregister AMCU. The Office of the Registrar disclosed that in its letter of 24 August 2018 to AMCU it raised issues regarding non-compliance with its constitution.

Subsequent to the issuing of a notice by the Registrar to deregister the union, a meeting was held at the request by AMCU. In that meeting AMCU made further submissions on the preparation for the National Congress.

Having considered further representations by AMCU which include supporting documents, the Registrar has taken a decision not to continue with the deregistration of AMCU, said Labour Relations Registrar, Lehlohonolo Molefe.

AMCU is scheduled to hold a National Congress on 18�20 September 2019, said Molefe.

The objective of Registrar’s job is to ensure the optimal use of the collective bargaining framework in order to promote co-operative labour relations and economic efficiency and growth. The office also promotes strong unionism, employer organizations and promote the establishment of councils in order to achieve sound and stable labour relations.

Source: Government of South Africa