Environmental Affairs bids farewell to SA Agulhas II, 6 Dec

SA Agulhas II to depart for the annual Antarctica Relief Voyage and the Historic Weddell Sea Expedition

As part of Antarctica Week, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), will bid farewell to the SA Agulhas II, as she departs for Antarctica tomorrow, 06 December 2018.

Departing on the SA Agulhas II tomorrow, will be SANAE 58 team members who will be spending 14 months in Antarctica.

The SA Agulhas II is also be undertaking the historic Weddell Sea Expedition, a 45-day voyage in Antarctica. The Weddell Sea Expedition entails a programme of marine and glaciological research in the in Antarctica. Through the use of highly sophisticated state of the art technology, and with the SA Agulhas II as a base, the expedition will attempt to locate and survey the historic wreck of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance which sank in the Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf in 1915.

Members of the media are invited for a quick tour of the SA Agulhas II and equipment to be used during the expedition AT 9am tomorrow. This will be followed by the farewell ceremony to the SANAE 58 team.

Source: Government of South Africa