Erasmus and Van Schoor win Tour de Windhoek

WINDHOEK: South African riders Alexander Erasmus and Kelsey-Jade van Schoor were on Sunday crowned as the individual overall winners of the seventh edition of the Pupkewitz Tour de Windhoek.

The cycling event was held for four days, from Thursday, 02 May to Sunday, 05 May 2024. Riders from Namibia, Botswana, Réunion, South Africa and Angola participated in the event.

After four days of exciting cycling in and around Windhoek, 18-year-old Erasmus from South Africa was declared the overall winner of the event when he completed the race in seven hours, twenty-four minutes, and thirty-four seconds (07:24:34).

Brandon Downes and Blaine Kieck, who rode for the South African team TEG ProCycling Team, finished closely behind Erasmus. Downes and Kieck completed the race with an overall time of 07:24:54 and 07:25:21, respectively.

In the men’s category, Martin Freyer, Daniel Hahn, and Brandon Plaatjies were the only Namibians who made it to the top ten list on the log standing, in fourth, sixth, and ninth places, r

In the women’s category, Van Schoor was declared the champion of the tour, completing it in 06:04:48. Anri Greeff from Namibia followed her, finishing with a time of 06:05:30. Lucy Young, another South African, secured the last spot on the podium by finishing just a few seconds behind Greeff, with a time of 06:05:54.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) President Axel Thiessen said the Pupkewitz Tour de Windhoek attracted an exciting record of cyclists from different countries.

‘The NCF is in talks with the African Cycling Confederation (CAC) to get this multi-stage road race accredited by the International Cycling Union (UCI). We want the event to be popular just like the Nedbank Desert Dash,’ he said.

He added that the achievements of the riders have elevated the city’s standards.

At the same event, Deputy Mayor of Windhoek Joseph Uapingeni praised the cyclists for their dedication, discipline, and unwavering commitment.

‘The cycling event should be a motiv
ation for Namibians to use cycling as a mode of transport which is healthier. We should now start using bicycles to travel to work and school,’ he said. while also acknowledging the sponsors for their contribution to the success of the event.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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