Father to appear for allegations of rape of his daughters

A 43-year-old suspect is expected to appear tomorrow facing charges of rape. He was arrested on Tuesday 04 February 2020, by police in Mpumalanga on allegations of a rape case involving his own 13-year-old girl in Masoyi.

According to reports, on Monday 03 February 2020, the teenage girl was sleeping at night with her siblings when her father entered their bedroom. The man was not coming to faithfully check up on her daughters as a father should, but he had lustful intentions towards his own. It is said that he then allegedly whispered to the young girl’s ear that she must not wake her other sisters up.

This man then allegedly raped her little daughter and warned her that if she ever breath a word to anybody, he will kill her thereafter kill her siblings.

Preliminary investigation has also revealed that this man has allegedly raped his other 16-year-old daughter as well and threatened to kill her if she ever tell a soul about the ordeal. Due to fear, the 16-year-old kept the terrible secret with her until the day when the 13-year-old sister broke her silence that is when she reported the matter too.

The following day 04 February 2020, the 13-year-old brave victim went to school and related her story to her teacher. The victim also mentioned to the teacher that it was not the first time that her father raped her and further disclosed that her other sister is also a victim of the same circumstances.

Police were notified about the incident and a case of rape was immediately opened at Masoyi SAPS and handed over to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit. The man was arrested by police and charged with two counts of rape. He is expected to appear at the Masoyi Periodical Court tomorrow Friday 07 February 2020.

The Provincial Commissioner of police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, has reiterated his condemnation for the rape of the young girls. Children in our country are facing a real challenge of their lives because parents have turned against them. Instead of grooming them (kids) to be tomorrow’s leaders, there are parents who are determined to destroy chances of a bright future for these children. Such evil and heartless criminals cannot share a space with the law abiding citizens. They should rather be locked up for good. I urge the Detectives, the Prosecution team as well as the Judiciary to close all loopholes on this case and ensure that the accused gets a maximum sentence, said General Zuma.

Source: South African Police Service