WINBURG – To ensure the safety of motorists and truck drivers, a road block was held on 23 December 2020 from 07:00 until 11:00, about 15 km in the N1 road. The District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Maj Gen Lerato Molale thanked this multi-disciplinary collaboration which led to these successes.
The road block was led by Maj Gen Molale accompanied by Brigadiers Khuto and Mochologi.
18 undocumented persons arrested, 308 people were screened by Provincial Traffic, 23 traffic fines were issued that amounts to R6100, Technology Management Services tested 18 persons and 28 vehicles, 226 vehicles and 533 persons searched.
“We will continue to ensure that law abiding citizens feel and are safe through these road blocks that will be held from time to time. We would like to appreciate motorists who cooperated with the Police as well as Traffic Officers while executing their duties. Thanks to all SAPS members especially the Provincial Visible Policing, traffic department, Community Patrollers and CPF for their commitment and dedication to ensure that this venture is a success,” concluded Maj Gen Lerato Molale.

Source: South African Police Service

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