Gaborone, Namibia: Namibia’s Debmarine Desert Jewels Victorious in African Netball Cup Opener

In Gaborone, the Namibian senior netball team, the Debmarine Desert Jewels, triumphed against Zimbabwe in the opening game of the African Netball Cup. This year’s tournament, the 13th edition, is hosted in Botswana from 26 November to 06 December 2023.
According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Namibia established an early lead in the match, ending the first quarter ahead 10-6. Zimbabwe rallied in the second quarter, evening the score at 20-20 by halftime. However, Namibia regained control in the third quarter, leading 32-28. The final quarter saw Namibia maintain their lead, finishing with a 45-36 victory. Debmarine Desert Jewels head coach Julene Meyer expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance and their readiness for the next game against Zambia. The 2023 Africa Netball Cup features teams from across the continent, including defending champions South Africa, host Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Burundi. Namibia will face Zambia in their next match on Wednesday afternoon.

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