The Epukiro Sports Council (ESC) will host the 10th annual Omaheke regional Top 8 football and netball tournament on Saturday and Sunday at the Legare Stadium in Gobabis.

The tournament, which began over nine years ago, is one of the most celebrated grassroots events on the Omaheke sporting calendar, bringing together teams from various Omaheke regional constituencies under one banner to promote grassroots sports while also providing a platform for emerging athletes to showcase their talents to the outside world.

The event, which is administered by the Namibia Rural Sports Development Federation (NRSDF), also serves as a recruiting ground for first and second-division teams, as well as premier league clubs.

ESC spokesperson Kuveri Tjonga confirmed the tournament’s return to Nampa on Thursday, saying it will feature eight teams from four constituencies that finished in the top eight of their respective December festive tournaments.

‘What usually happens is that four constituencies supply their best eight t
eams after their festive tournaments in both categories, and this is only for the Omaheke Region,’ Tjonga explained.

The competition will feature 24 netball and 32 football teams and N.dollars 36 000 has been set aside for both categories, with teams securing their spots with N.dollars 1 900.

A total of N.dollars 10 000 has been set aside for the netball category, with the remaining N.dollars 26 000 up for grabs in the football category.

The winning netball team will earn N.dollars 5 000 and a trophy, while the runner-up will receive N.dollars 2 500. The semi-final losers will each receive N.dollars 1 250.

The football category winner will earn a whopping N.dollars 12 000 plus a trophy, the runner-up will receive N.dollars 8 000, and the semi-final losers will each receive N.dollars 3 000.

Last year’s tournament was won by Epukiro-based Otjozondjima in the football division, with Otjinene’s Fine Young Stars taking the netball title.

The fixtures are as follows:


Eiseb vs Omaueuozonjanda

ngondo vs Fine Young Stars B

Real Madrid vs Super Eagles

Omatjove Jatjombinde vs Running stars

Erindi Tjirarua vs Ovinjuru

Ovituua vs Okatuuo

Okovimburu vs Oruvize

Otjitundu vs Pamue Eleven

Otjimanangombe vs Okazapamba

Eastern Swallow vs Fine Young Stars A

Gauteng vs Four Stars

Renamo Bucks vs Bokomo Jakajombo


Border Eleven vs Eastern Swallows

Super Fox vs Rovers United

Gauteng vs Okajalami

Okaumbangere vs Okatuuo A

Renamo Bucks vs Eiseb

Otjimanangombe vs Four Stars

Oruvize vs Erindi United

Ovinjuru vs Bokomo Jakajombo

Group B

Otjitundu vs life Ino City

Otjozondjima vs Omuramba wa Kei

Ovituua vs Okarindi Kotjimburu

El Classico vs Corridor 16

Ezorongondo vs Running Stars

Orevia vs Super Eagles

Okovimburu vs Real Madrid

Otjimati vs Omatjove Jatjombinde

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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