Grand Tour of Algeria 2015 – Hichem Chaabane, Champion of Champions

Algerian cyclist Hichem Chaabane (Cevital club) won Monday the 2015 Grand Tour of Algeria’s orange jersey, following the international rally of Mouzaia, the Tour’s tenth event.

Aged 26 years old, Hichem Chaabane, native of Blida (50-km south of Algiers), deserves the orange jersey of the 2015 Grand Tour Algeria’s winner after he won six times in the competition organized through 22 provinces.

Former member of two African professional clubs, Hichem Chaabane showed his talent as soon as the fifth edition of the Grand Tour of Algeria kicked off, by winning the international rally of Algiers, the Tour’s first event.

He managed to make the difference in mountain stages, reaching alone the finish lines on the heights of Santa-Cruz, in Oran, Chrea, in Blida, Seraidi, in Annaba.

He also won the international circuit of Constantine, which allowed him to rank fourth in the general rankings of UCI-Africa Tour, while he ranked 45th in February.

Algeria ranks first in Africa Tour rankings, winning four positions with a total of 823 points, ahead of Morocco (490 pts), South Africa (471 pts) and Eritrea (337 pts).