Rand Water and Johannesburg Water have urged consumers and citizens to use water sparingly as demand is exceeding supply.

In a joint stamen issued on Sunday, the utilities said they are noticing an increase in water consumption from customer meters that are in the system.

The utilities warned the increase is putting strain on the system.

“Consumers and citizens can assist by reducing their water consumption.

“Rand Water’s primary and secondary stations are operating at their maximum capacity. However, the entity is unable to maintain its reservoirs at high water levels because of high consumption by consumers and citizens in the metro and surrounding areas.

“As a result, reservoir levels remain at their lowest due to high consumption by consumers. Due to the system being integrated, even customers that are using water sparingly are being affected.

“High potable water consumption may result in the collapse of the system, which will result in intermittent water supply,” Rand Water spokesperson, Makenosi Maroo, said.

Maroo reiterated that South Africa is a water-scarce country.

“Consumer behaviour is important in ensuring sustainable and equitable water supply,” she said.

Water saving tips

Customers, including consumers and all citizens, are urged to conserve water by implementing the following water saving tips:

• Avoid watering lawns and gardens with clean drinking water.

• Refrain from filling-up swimming pools until consumption has reduced.

• Do not clean paved areas and driveways with clean drinking water.

• Wash your cars only on weekends using buckets.

• Take a two-minute shower instead of using bathtubs.

• Do not leave your tap running when brushing teeth.

• Fix all leaking plumbing features in your houses.

• Flush toilets only for the brown and not the yellow.

• Report leaking water pipes to the respective local municipalities within the City of Johannesburg.

“Rand Water and Johannesburg Water commit to constant provision of high quality drinking water to all its customers and citizens, thus ensuring the sustainable security of water supply. Citizens and all other consumers are requested to assist in this endeavour and use water sparingly and wisely,” the utilities said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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