Intensified crime prevention Covid-19 operation net drugs peddlers in Kimberley

The Northern Cape Police, intensified Covid-19 Operation, squeezed the space and left no stone unturned when they net drug peddlers in Kimberley. In the early hours of Sunday, 10 May 2020, the Northern Cape Provincial Organised Crime Detectives and Visible Police members apprehended several suspects subsequent to be found in possession drugs and dealing in drugs. The suspects were arrested following raids and searches which were conducted in Samaria informal settlement.

Drugs including mandrax tablets, crystal meth and dagga were found inside suspects’ shack in Samaria informal settlement were confiscated. The value of drugs confiscated is estimated to more than R10 000.

In an unrelated incident, a suspect wanted for a case of theft out of motor vehicle, which he committed on February 2019 was traced and found in Correctional Services in Kimberley.

More than 40 vehicles were stopped and searched during the static road block on N12. During the road block the policing focus was to ensure that the motorist comply with the Covid-19 Lockdown regulations.

The suspects arrested for dealing in drugs are expected to appear before the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon.

The Northern Cape Police Management applauded the members for job well done during the Covid-19 Lockdown Operation by bringing the perpetrators of Crime to book. Source: South African Police Service