Joint Law Enforcement Agencies Operation O Kae Molao conducted in Sedibeng yielded good results

The District conducted Joint Operation O Kae Molao at Evaton and Sebokeng Policing areas respectively. During the activities, 11 suspects were arrested for Contravention of Disaster Management Act Regulations, house robbery, rape, bribery, selling of cigarettes and contravention of road traffic regulations.
In the same crime prevention operation, law enforcement agencies successfully achieved to search 465 motor vehicles and 503 persons.
As the operation aimed at monitoring compliances by liquor outlets, tuckshop owners, taxi operators as well as motorists, Police seized 60 litres of home-made concoction and destroyed it immediately. Illicit cigarettes of about 2 170 of various brands were found in different tuckshops were also seized.
A knife was also seized that was posing as dangerous weapon during stop and search, a police uniform (trouser) and money emanated from selling cigarettes were among the items seized.
Police further visited the scrap metal dealership to check if they are complying with Second Hand Goods Act as well as to verify if they are not buying unauthorized or unlawful items such as copper cables.

Source: South African Police Service