WINDHOEK: The Minister of Higher Education, Training, and Innovation, Itah Kandjii-Murangi, has warned against the dissolution of the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) board, saying it will disrupt its operations.

The minister made the observation on Monday, when she addressed concerns raised by stakeholders against the constitution of the NTA board.

‘It is important to acknowledge that the dissolution of a duly appointed and functioning board would disrupt the continuity of operations at the NTA, thereby impending the delivery of essential services to stakeholders.

‘Such a course of action would be detrimental to the interests of all parties involved and would not serve the best interests of the nation,’ Kandjii-Murangi said during a media briefing.

The minister was clarifying the matter surrounding the board appointment after media reports that labour unions and employer federations have given the board 30 days to dissolve.

They claim that Kandjii-Murangi failed to incorporate their representatives in l
ine with the Vocational Education and Training Act.

Kandjii-Murangi appointed the new board in January 2023 to oversee the operations of the NTA, which is responsible for technical and vocational training. The seven-member board is chaired by Jerome Mutumba, a senior manager at the Development of Namibia, and businesswoman Ester Hoveka as deputy.

‘It is regrettable that the concerns regarding the composition of the board have only been raised at this juncture; despite the board having been in operation for over a year now, it is crucial to question the timing of these objections and to consider whether they are driven by genuine concerns for the effective functioning of the NTA, or by other motives,’ the minister said.

In order to address the issue, Kandjii-Murangi said she has asked the Ministry of Labour and Employment Creation, the unions, and employer associations to nominate individuals to be added to the current board.

Meanwhile, the minister said she was not involved in the process, adding that app
licants were shortlisted and interviewed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Enterprises in line with the Public Enterprises Governance Act.

‘It is recommendations that come to us that we look at and see whether or not these names that are here will be able to fit in serving the different functions of the given institution,’ the minister said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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