Labour hosts Workers Month campaign, 28 to 31 May

Phillipolis’ employers showing a positive outlook in terms of compliance during Workers Month

As part of its Workers’ Month campaign, the Department of Labour in the Free State continues to make milestones in its quest to check the level of compliance with labour laws. This week saw the department embarking on Blitz inspections in and around the town of Phillipolis in the Xhariep District.

From a total of 17 employers inspected, only three were found to be in contravention of certain provisions of labour legislation. One of these three employers contravened Electrical Installation Regulation 7 (1) promulgated under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 as amended as the electrical installation was not complying with the South African National Standard 1042-1 incorporated into this Regulation.

Regulation 4 of General Administration Regulations and Regulation 3 (4) of the General Safety Regulations were also not complied with. The employer was served with a contravention notice for all those contraventions of the Regulations and was given 60 days to rectify all the flaws found. Should the employer fail to comply within that specified period, the Inspector will then recommend prosecution to the Director of Public Prosecutions through Statutory Services sub-unit.

Another employer was also found wanting due to non-compliance with section 56 (3) of the Unemployment Insurance Act as his employees were not declared with Unemployment Insurance Fund. To that effect, a written undertaking was secured to comply as prescribed by law.

The third and the last employer contravened Basic Conditions of Employment Act by failing to develop and provide written particulars of employment and payslips to its employees and was therefore served with a compliance order.

All the other employers were given a clean bill of health as they complied with all provisions of labour laws. I would really like to commend all these employers who are playing their part in the drive to bring about workplaces free of non-compliances to labour laws.

On the same token, we are very much perturbed to learn that there are those employers who are still disregarding these laws and failing our vulnerable workers. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure they do not act with impunity and are therefore held accountable for their unbecoming deeds, warned Nomfundo Douw-Jack ´┐Ż Head of the Department of Labour in the Free State Province.

This year’s workers month will be sealed on a high note when the department embarks on Workplace Walk-abouts in 4 different towns in the Xhariep District.

Source: Government of South Africa