Limpopo police conduct safety awareness campaigns

DENNILTON- The South African Police Service in Dennilton outside Groblersdal through the Station communication Officer Sergeant Selala in partnership with the VEP, the Community Police Forum (CPF) have embarked on a safety awareness campaign at Moutse Mall.

The purpose of the campaign was to educate customers to be vigilant about the crime trends alleged to be taking place at the shopping malls and other crimes happening around their places.

The following tips were addressed during this campaign:

* ATM safety tips

* To be alert about pickpocketing

* Theft out of motor vehicles

* To be vigilant about exchange of fake bank notes

* Theft under false pretences

* Illegal gambling

* Not carrying cash rather to swipe

* Theft of motor vehicles

* To report any gender based violence immediately

* To brandmark and tatoo their livestock

* Strengthening of the CPF sub-forums in the community

* Whistle blowing

* Suggestion boxes

* To be careful about bogus police

During the campaign, questions, comments and compliments received from the community and they were all clarified.

Source: South African Police Service