Maclear SAPS community engagement on gender-based violence and femicide

EASTERN CAPE – The acting District Commissioner Brigadier Rudolph Adolph together with different roleplayers including the following Departments; Safety and Liaison, Education, Social Development, and Health and CPF had a community engagement at Lowerest Sixako on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide.
The programme commenced with an opening prayer after which Mr David the CPF Chairperson welcomed all the guests.
Maclear Station Commander, Lt Col Reynders gave everyone present an overview of the crime in the area. The priority crimes include stock theft, business robbery, rape and assault. He also encouraged all departments to join as fighting crime is everyone’s responsibility and as we all aim for 365 Days of Activism, not just 16 Days.
Mr Siminkiwe, the supervisor of Social Workers at ward 6 Elundini local Municipality, gave an explanation on the programs they have in place such as morale regeneration and the councilling for the victims.
Mrs Matamela from the Dept of Education mentioned the importance of parenthood at our homes. She also explained that they are linked to the SAPS through the ‘Safer schools project’ and that social workers are available to assist learners with problems at school.
Dr Mathandeka from Joe Gqabi District Dept of Health reaffirm their commitment dispite the challenges of Covid-19.
Mr Mathumbu the District Manager for Safety and Liaison reminded everyone that the President of the country and the Premier has called upon all servants of the community to continue to educate our communities on the subject of GBV and Femicide.
The acting District Commissioner Brigadier Rudolph Adolph emphasized how important it is for all government departments to work together, to be clear about our roles and responsibilities and to take GBV and Femicide very serious the same way we see Covid-19 in a very serious light. He reaffirmed his commitment in support the station in fighting GBV and Femicide.
He also added that Stock Theft is addressed by frequent cross border operations that are being held to focus on this crime.
He also encouraged the CPF Chairperson and his team to work together on improving all working relations.
The Community also had an opportunity to raise their concerns and Brigadier Adolph responded and also took note of all the concerns raised.
After the guest speakers and messages of support two identified families in the community Saunders and Lungani, effected by crime, received donations in the form of groceries.
The day was concluded by a vote of thanks by Chief Zwelothando to the acting District Commissioner and all the role-players who came to Lowerest Sixako to show their commitment and support and to educate the community on these very serious issues. He requested that this kind of program must also be extended to other villages to educate the community to refrain from the abuse of woman and children.

Source: South African Police Service