FREE STATE – All communities that are serviced by Mafube, Winburg and Warden police stations are advised that the stations will be temporarily closed for decontamination after some if its members tested positive for COVID-19.
Community members who want to access policing services are advised as follows:
CSC will operate from the Park-Home situated in the police station premises.
For emergency this numbers can be used:
CSC: 079 601 9217
Detective Commander: 082 466 7746
Visible Policing Commander: 082 466 8928
Winburg :
CSC will operate from the Detective offices located in nr 3 General de la Rey Avenue; Winburg.
For any emergency; the following numbers can be used:
CSC: 051-881 8302
CSC will operate from the Victim Empowerment Centre in the yard of the police station.
Emergency numbers to be used are:
CSC: 078 527 1355
Station Commander: 082 380 0623
Visible Policing Commander: 082 527 6927
Members of community will be informed when the police stations are fully operational again.
The SAPS Management apologizes for any inconvenience that may arise from this temporary closure.

Source: South African Police Service

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