During routine crime prevention patrols in the Parklands area early Friday morning, 31 December 2021, a police officer noticed the owner of a local laundromat carrying a bag, and acting very nervous, when he noticed the police vehicle. The officer decided to investigate a bit further, and drove towards the known man. When asked what was inside the bag, the man handed it over to the police officer, and said he was given the bag and asked to drop it off at the parking area of a shopping centre in the Table View area.

The officer opened the bag and immediately recognised the contents inside a plastic bag, as mandrax tablets. The man then offered the officer R1000 not to arrest him. The officer arrested him for being in possession of illegal substances, dealing in an illegal substance and bribery. When counted it was confirmed that there were 1000 mandrax tablets in the plastic bag.

The 54-year-old suspect was arrested and will be appearing in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 03 January 2022, on the mentioned charges.

Source: South African Police Service

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