Mashatile reiterates commitment to accelerated service delivery in N West

Deputy President Paul Mashatile has reaffirmed government’s commitment to continue to provide basic services to its people and ensure that all South Africans have equal rights, as outlined in the Freedom Charter.

Mashatile said government recognises that accelerated service delivery is not just about efficiency and convenience; it is also about creating a society where every individual has equal access to basic services.

‘Improving the delivery of basic services in South Africa is more than just a question of duty; it is also about social fairness, equality, and dignity. By ensuring that everyone has access to essential services, we can empower people, strengthen communities, and create a more successful and inclusive country,’ he said.

The second-in-command was leading the Thuntsha Lerole Accelerated Service Delivery programme in Rusternburg, North West, on Friday.

Thuntsha Lerole is an initiative led by the North West provincial government aimed at confronting the critical issue of service delivery in c
ommunities through strengthened partnerships with government, the private sector as well as civil society organisations.

The programme is in accordance with the District Development Model (DDM), which aims to tackle service delivery issues by facilitating collaboration and coordination among all levels of government, from local municipalities to the national government.

It is currently in its third phase, which aims to launch and hand over service delivery projects in identified communities, running from March to May 2024.

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The Deputy President said they support the ‘Early Warning System’ in the form of an electronic dashboard that will monitor municipal performance and reporting in a more coordinated manner.

The Thuntsha-Lerole mobile app, which has now gone live, will provide an interactive communication platform to connect government with citizens, allowing them to report service delivery challenges in real time in their localities.

Through this app, c
ommunities will have the ability to promptly escalate service delivery issues to the appropriate department and municipal officials.

‘This will enable speedy responses to challenges such as water disruptions, sewer spillages, electricity outages, and more. Given the high cost of data in our country and the prevalence of poverty in our society, we anticipate that the application will soon become accessible without requiring data, hence enhancing access for individuals, especially those residing in rural areas and townships,’ the Deputy President said.

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Mashatile visited several sites in Tlhabane, including a newly-built school and the Tlhabane Community Health Centre, unveiling a state-of-the-art X-ray machine.

He handed over the R2.2 million modern technology X-Ray machine, which was donated to the Health Centre by Glencore Mine. The machine allows doctors and radiographers to view patient scans on display, reducing hospital r
eferrals and wait times. It also stores X-ray records for up to five years, enhancing patient care.

‘Let me express our deepest gratitude, as government, to Glencore Mine for this donation, which will go a long way towards improving the health of our people. It is through working together as social partners that we will attain our country’s developmental aspirations and a better life for all,’ Mashatile said.

The Deputy President said these initiatives are just part of providing solutions to the service delivery challenges faced by the North West community.

‘We are aware that a lot still needs to be done to meet the needs of our people. Greater and more focused endeavours are required, particularly in addressing the reversal of the governance collapse in the province,’ he said.

He highlighted that the 6th administration of government faced difficulties related to the stability and collapse of administration and as a result, the President and Cabinet utilised Section 100 of the Constitution to intervene in
the province.

‘Nevertheless, I was pleased to hear Acting Premier Nono Maloyi’s State of the Province Address, in which it was said that despite these difficulties, your determination remains unshaken and your commitment to serving the people of the North West has been fortified.

‘We applaud your ability to successfully implement a sustainable turnaround strategy in all 22 municipalities in the province, using the District Development Model (DDM),’ he said.

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Source: South African Government News Agency

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