Minister Fritz urges Kensington community members to come forward with information on escape of gangster

Minister Fritz has noted with dismay reports that a group of Kensington residents prevented a known gangster and criminal from being arrested by the police.

While Minister Fritz strongly believes that the broader Kensington community cannot be accused of assisting this criminal to escape, he does however want to express his absolute shock that this incident took place.

Minister Fritz said “I know that the Kensington community is fed-up with gangsterism and crime, and so I urge all those who have information on this escape to come forward. We must ensure that crime and gangsterism does not pay in the Western Cape!”

It was reported that while SAPS officers were on patrol, they spotted a well-known suspect with a firearm that was exposed. When the officers tried to apprehend the suspect, he started screaming for help, and approximately 30 community members emerged from their homes and threatened to shoot the police officers if they did not release the suspect. Soon after the community members started pelting the officers and their vehicles with stones. The suspect was able to escape.

Minister Fritz concluded, “I would like to congratulate the SAPS for the proactive work in spotting and attempting to apprehend the suspect. I would also like to congratulate them for managing to confiscate the illegal firearm. But I must also say that I am absolutely appalled at the fact that some members of our communities have assisted this known criminal to escape the reach of the law. I urge all community members to work with SAPS to ensure that the law is upheld and to come forward with information that will assist the police to make further arrests.”

Source Government of South Africa

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