Mr Parker kidnapping � SAPS’ assurance required

I am greatly relieved that Mr Liyaqat Parker has been safely returned to his family, following his kidnapping of more than two months ago in early July 2018.

Mr Parker’s safe return seems to have been the result of the apparent extortion of large sums of money from the family. This raises serious questions on SAPS’ role in combatting and prevention of kidnappings in the province involving prominent business people.

As part of my oversight mandate over policing in the province, I will ask the Provincial Police management for an update on the investigation when they appear before a provincial cabinet meeting tomorrow.

Despite the safe return of Mr Parker, we need to unmask those responsible and ensure they receive their day in court to face the full might of the law. This will unnerve those contemplating similar crimes, because they will be caught and will go to jail.

Had the police been instrumental in the return of Mr Parker, the Western Cape Government would be the first to congratulate them on a sterling job done. However, the opposite currently seems to be true.

I believe that a ransom worth millions has been paid for the safe return of Mr Parker. Police has thus far remained tight-lipped about the investigation, leaving speculation to continue as to their involvement to return Mr Parker or capabilities to arrest those responsible.

We remain concerned by the kidnapping incidents involving prominent business people, for the apparent extortion of money. We are further concerned by recent reports of kidnapping of children. These matters require priority attention from SAPS.

The police need to assure the public that they are doing everything in their power to prevent kidnappings in the province.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and I call on the public to assist the police in their investigation ongoing investigation.

Source: Government of South Africa

News Reporter