Fighting sale of illicit alcohol

As a responsive Government, following Facebook post that was published by a member of community on July 6 2022 alleging that illicit trade of alcohol is thriving in Odendaal bottle store near taxi rank, the Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) through Consumer Protection Unit together with SAPS and Free State Gambling, Liquor and Tourism Authority (FSGLTA) swiftly responded by raiding the area on July 7 2022 inclusive of the said liquor outlet and found dealing in illicit alcohol even the labels as well as bottle caps were tampered with.

The abovementioned team together with the Police confiscated illicit alcohol and one Chinese male suspect was charged with Counterfeit goods Act 37 of 1997 and the investigations continues.

The Free State MEC for DESTEA, Mr. MakaloMohale commended the team for this great success and sends stern warning to illicit alcohol traders. He further alluded that he is deeply concerned about the safety risks associated with the consumption of illicit alcohol; and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

“Through collective operations such as this one, we will reclaim our economy, reconstruct and restore it to our people. This is one of the key elements that the draft Bill seeks to provide for the promotion and development of the Free State economy and to create a conducive environment for the attainment of that purpose by:

Regulating the licensing of businesses,

Providing for exclusive ownership and operation of certain specified businesses categories for citizens,

Regulations of foreign ownership of certain business categories through prescribed quartos,

Designating certain commodities for the mandatory enterprise development by all businesses and provincial state organs,

Provide for mandatory and exclusive sourcing and procurement by the state organs, of locally produced commodities,

To provide for establishment as a coordinating representative of businesses community in those respective areas and to provide for matters connected there with or incidental thereto, “said MEC Mohale.

Source: Government of South Africa

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