Minister Dipuo Peters leads National Prayer Day for Road Safety, 6 Oct

Transport Minister leads a National Prayers Day for safer roads

The Department of Transport in partnership with its entity, The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA), will host the 2nd National Prayer Day for Road Safety. The public awareness programme is championed by the Minister of Transport Ms Dipuo Peters and Deputy Minister Ms Sindisiwe Chikunga in collaboration with the interfaith movement. The initiative seeks to promote driver road user behavioural change through moral revival and heightened awareness to motorists and road users on road safety.

The National Prayer Day forms part of the October Transport Month Campaign (OTM). During this period the transport sector together with the interfaith and civic society movement join hands to promote active partnership that will help to put to an end road carnage, driver delinquency and enhance road user’s respect for human life through prayer, awareness and education initiatives. The Interfaith National Task Team is at the fore-front of mobilising society towards the cause of changing road user behaviour to put an end to road carnage.

Objectives of the event:

Mobilise and empower civic society to enhance accountability amongst fellow motorists

Mobilise support for the Million Signature Campaign towards active participation of civic society as government’s partner in changing the behaviour of the road user

Encourage a culture of voluntary compliance amongst road users in South Africa

Foster heightened understanding of road traffic regulations and increased sense of responsibility amongst road users

It is of great concern that 90% of all road crashes that occur on the South African road network found to have resulted from violation of a road traffic law contravention or more. Through this revival the RTIA harnesses interventions for changing the culture of the road users, heighten the appreciation for more prudence and respect for life on the road.

It is expected that 2000 members of diverse faiths will on the day form up a united front against the incidents of deaths and injuries caused by road accidents on South Africa’s road network.

Source: Government of South Africa