Minister Gugile Nkwinti visits Mopani Water Project in Giyani, 7 Dec

Minister Nkwinti to visit the Mopani Water Project in Giyani

The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Mr Gugile Nkwinti will meet with the Mopani District Municipality Mayor, Cllr. Nkakareng Rakgoale and community representatives in Giyani on Friday, the 7th December 2018 to get feedback from the task team that was set-up to come up with a recovery plan for the water project in Giyani.

This is an on-going process to ensure that the difficulties of access to water as experienced in Giyani get to be addressed through this project. A court decision was made that National Government should intervene and source water from the Nandoni Dam to augment water supply in Giyani. The intervention is meant to accelerate water provision in the then water stricken areas of Mopani.

The department is committed to see through the completion of the project so that the people of Giyani can all have access to clean water in their taps.

Source: Government of South Africa