News: Police in Eastern Cape on manhunt for police-killers

PRETORIA – The National Commissioner of Police has learnt with shock and sadness about the senseless killing of a Constable in Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape last night.

Two constables while attending a complaint at Zindidi Location in Coffee Bay shortly before midnight last night were approached by four men under the pretext that they were of seeking help.

Two of the four men approached the police vehicle on the driver’s side while the other two approached the vehicle from the passenger’s side.

Without any warning one of the suspects shot the driver killing him instantly. The second police member was forced to carry the deceased member and together with the complainant they were all locked in the back of the police van.

One of the suspects drove the police vehicle to a nearby shop where they ordered security to open the gate. They then went up to the shop-owner’s house and robbed him of an undisclosed amount of money and alcohol and fled in the owner’s Nissan Navara leaving behind the surviving member and the complainant locked in the rear of the police vehicle.

The Navara was later found abandoned on the way to Mqanduli. The suspects also took a State-owned 9mm pistol with several rounds of ammunition from one of the police officers a police bullet-proof vest and both members’ cell phones.

The National Commissioner has ordered an immediate manhunt for the suspects. “I have tasked the Provincial Commissioner in the Eastern Cape to mobilise the 72-hour Activation Plan which entails the mobilisation of critical resources as an effort to ensure that information intelligence and/or evidence to successfully trace the suspects is not lost said General Sitole.

“We will not rest until these suspects are found and brought to book for this shocking and callous murder added General Sitole.

Source: South African Police Service