PHALABORWA: As part of ensuring safety to elderly people, the communication officer of Phalaborwa SAPS Sergeant Mongwe together with Sergeant Makhubele visited Bougnavilla old age home today, Friday 01 October 2021.

Some of the topics discussed during the visit includes:

• Fraud

• Burglaries

• Theft General

• Theft by false pretence

• Gender based violence

• Different forms of abuse

• Theft out of motor vehicle

They were warned to be vigilant when visiting ATM’s, banks and shops and were further encouraged to refuse any form of help from strangers who appears in the name of helping while the plan is to take advantage and steal from them.

Members reiterated the importance of physical inspection of the vehicle doors after locking with mobilizer, to avoid falling into traps of criminals who are targeting to steal from vehicles at parking areas.

Members concluded the campaign with an appeal to the elderly to report any form of criminal activities to the police and also to comply with the Covid-19 protocols.

Source: South African Police Service

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