Operation Vala Konke Safer Festive Season Operations hits hard on crime

NORTHERN CAPE – The Northern Cape SAPS in partnership with Departments of Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster, Community Policing Forums and other relevant stakeholders formed part of operation Vala Konke Safer Festive Season from 15 October 2022 to 31 January 2023.

The Provincial Commissioner for the Northern Cape, Lt Gen Koliswa Otola reiterated that the six key focus areas that formed part for this years’ festive season operations included:

1. Campaign and police actions focusing on prevention of crimes against vulnerable groups and GBVF.

2. Combating aggravated robberies: carjacking, robberies at residential premises and business robberies.

3. Enhancing border security, preventing stolen property from crossing the borders, combating drugs, human trafficking and tracing of wanted suspects

4. Enforcement of legislation in respect of firearms, liquor, second hand goods and Safety of Sports and Recreation events.

5. Enforcement of By-Laws targeting hijacked buildings, unlawful sale and use of firecrackers.

6. Law enforcement to enhance road safety including combating of drunken driving, speeding, un-roadworthy vehicles. Actions also focused on cloned vehicles, cloned license plates and vehicles without number plates was included as part of the Eyes and Ears (E2) project.

The operation further clamped down on crime by executing numerous disruptive actions including drug raids, roadblocks, random vehicle check points (VCP), mass patrols, mall visits and intensifying police visibility in all crime hot spots areas by deploying more boots on the ground.

During the Festive period and beyond, the five districts namely Frances Baardt, Pixley Ka Seme, John Taolo Gaetsewe, Namakwa and ZF Mcgawu saw a huge amount of criminals arrested for various crimes.

The respective district teams in total executed 250 roadblocks, 652 random Vehicle Check Points, stopped and searched approximately 6570 persons, conducted vehicles patrols during which persons were searched.

Police conducted compliance inspections at liquor outlets, gun shops and various second-hand goods dealerships.

Numerous tracing operations and actions by detectives for wanted suspects were executed

In an effort to create awareness and educate the community on crime matters, numerous awareness campaigns and community engagements were conducted across the Northern Cape Province.

More than one thousand five persons were arrested for various crimes during Operation Vala Konke police actions which included house breaking, malicious damage to property.

Arrests were also effected for numerous sexual offences and gender based violence related incidents as well as drinking in public, illegal dealing in alcohol, dealing and possession of drugs, drunken driving and illegal possession of ammunition.

During these disruptive actions police seized large amounts of dagga, drugs, alcohol, controlled metals, explosives, counterfeit goods and dangerous weapons.

“The Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, Lt Gen Koliswa Otola reiterated that with the assistance of Traffic Departments, Home Affairs, Nature Conservation, Community Police Forums, the Community in Blue and all other external role players hundreds of vehicles were stopped and searched during roadblocks and VCP’s throughout the province and traffic fines were issued to motorists found to be in contravention of the Road Traffic Act.

Gen Otola expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all role players and the community as more boots on the ground surely enhanced police visibility and clamped down on crime by ensuring that our communities are and felt safe during this festive season and beyond, said Gen Otola.”

Source: South African Police Service

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