Two officers of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) on Thursday appeared in the Karasburg Magistrate’s Court on charges of illegally mining and contravening the prevention of the organised crime Act.

NamPol’s crime investigations coordinator for ||Kharas, Deputy Commissioner Nikodemus Mbango, told Nampa on Friday that the duo, 35-year-old Gerson Sheuyange and 42-year-old Cassey Khakisi, were arrested on Wednesday with seven other accused persons, who also appeared in court on the same charges.

The other suspects are Daniel Shaambeni, 45, Kondjashili Johannes, 52, Titus Hangala, 28, Gideon Ickua, 37, Johan Van Wyk, 42, Gray Thomas, 36 and Christo Booysen, 30.

Mbango said the case was postponed to 08 September for further police investigation and all accused person were granted N.dollars 10 000 each.

According to the deputy commissioner, the men are part of 11 others arrested in June this year for extracting and collecting natural resources from the Ysterputz Farm, located 145 kilometres west of Karasburg, without permits to carry out such activities. The area is known to have large deposit of blue and white banded chalcedony.

‘After collecting the stones, such stones were sold and money was laundered into their account and they used such monies to acquire assets. We have discovered up to N.dollars 2.5 million proceeds that some have benefited from,” he added.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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