DURBAN – The police officers in the KwaZulu-Natal province remain on high alert with operations in full swing in all the parts of the province. Members of the community should expect more police visibility as we continue with our operations to eradicate crime.

During the week starting on 31 January 2022 until today, a total of 1168 suspects were arrested for numerous crimes in the province. 36 suspects were arrested for murder, 20 for attempted murder, 247 for assaults, 27 for burglaries, 5 for malicious damage to property, 134 for drug related offences, 56 for theft, 81 for liquor related offences, 58 for robberies, 28 for sexual offences as well as other crimes. Police seized 49 illegal firearms, 322 rounds of ammunition, various drugs such as cocaine, mandrax, heroin, crystal meth as well as other drugs were also recovered.

Large quantities of liquor was seized by police as well as dangerous weapons. Police seized 31 vehicles during the weekly operations. Some of the vehicles were robbed or stolen from the lawful owners and others were involved in a commission of crime. The suspects appeared at their respective magistrates courts across the province.

Source: South African Police Service

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