Police search for missing 7-year-old boy ends well while the search for a missing 53-year-old male continues in Kwazakele

KWAZAKELE – Two persons were reported missing to Kwazakele police yesterday. In the first report, a 7-year-old boy have gone missing in Gaika Street in Kwazakele. His 68-year-old grandmother who cares for him reported last night at 23:00 that she last saw Philasande Gilibi playing in the street with other children at about 14:00. He was still dressed in his school uniform, grey pants, a white shirt and a black and white jersey. After she returned from a women’s day function at about 22:00 she realised that the boy has gone missing and notified police.

This resulted in a police search last night looking at finding possible hiding places at friends and family, as well as visiting his school this morning to interview his fellow classmates who had no clue of his whereabouts. His mother was located later this morning who then assisted police in locating and finding the boy’s father in Motherwell, where the boy was found safe and sound. The failure of the father to notify the grandmother is still being investigated.

In the second incident a 53-year-old Mlungisi Michael Saloso was reported missing by his girlfriend at 17:30 yesterday. She reported that she last saw Mr Saloso at 07:00 on 01 August 2019 at her home in Skefile Street, Kwazakele. He uses crutches as his left leg has been amputated above the knee.

Any person that can assist police in finding Mr Saloso can contact the Kwazakele police at 082 470 3134 or 08600 10111.

Source: South African Police Service