Premier Job Mokgoro and MEC Madoda Sambatha host farewell function for medical students heading to Cuba, 29 Oct

North West bid farewell to selected young people to study medicine in Cuba

North West Premier, Prof Job Mokgoro accompanied by Health MEC Madoda Sambatha will host a farewell function for selected young people who are going to Cuba to study Medicine through South African-Cuban Medical Programme. Since 1998 the Department has been sending young people to Cuba to study medicine in order to address the shortage in our health facilities. In 2003 the recruitment included medical technology after a study conducted by Medical Research Council of South Africa revealed a need to reinforce personnel in health technology management.

To date, the number of graduates in the Cuban Medical Scholarship since inception of the Programme is standing at 113. Those who are currently on internship are 32. Eleven (11) are on Community Service programme. The number of Cuban trained students doing final rotations in local medical universities is standing at 72. Currently we have 314 students in Cuba. The number of those in the country (study leave due to ill-health and ill-discipline) is 9 (7 due to ill-health and 2 ill-discipline). The number of those who graduated on the 05 July 2019 is 16.

Source: Government of South Africa