Provincial commissioner denounces Bedwang video recording that is circulating on social media platforms

Provincial Commissioner of North West, Lieutenant General Sello Kwena condemns the recorded video which ultimately went viral on social media platforms. In the video, four men can be seen clinging and dancing on the side and rear of Bedwang police station marked vehicle.

According to information, police went to a tavern at Ruigtersloot village to attend to a complaint on Sunday afternoon, 3 July 2022. On arrival, the members parked the marked vehicle outside the tavern and went inside to look for the boy whose mother alleged that he stole her money. While the police were inside the tavern, the men allegedly video recorded themselves with a cell phone. Although the police were tipped-off about the incident, they did not find anyone near the vehicle when they got out.

Lieutenant General Kwena would like to urge members of the community to refrain from doing what is depicted in the video as it creates perception and impacts negatively on the image of the Service. He requested the public in the area to come forth with any information that can assist in ensuring that drastic steps are taken against the men. The information can be communicated with the Station Commander, Captain Precious Melanzi on 082 822 3101.

Source: South African Police Service

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