Rand Water lifts water restrictions

Rand Water has announced the lifting of water restrictions, with immediate effect.
Following high water consumption brought on by high temperatures and subsequent restrictions, reservoir levels in the Rand Water systems have stabilised, increasing from 30% to above 60% currently.
“Stabilisation of the systems, assisted by good rains, has been a joint and collaborative effort by Rand Water and the three metros,” Rand Water said.
In consultation with the metros, a philosophy has been agreed to, which will ensure that water management practices are left in place to keep systems stable throughout the coming months.
“Through these collaborative efforts, the metros have managed to reduce consumption and manage own systems effectively and efficiently. Therefore, reduced consumption and leak repairs will be the new order.
“Rand Water would like to thank the metros and its citizens for their cooperation during this time and hope that this is watershed moment will lead towards permanent wise use of portable,” Rand Water said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

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