RDP calls on youth to participate in elections

WINDHOEK: Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Secretary for Information and Publicity, Nghiningilwandubo Kashume, has called on the Namibian youth to take an active role in their futures by participating in the upcoming elections.

Speaking to Nampa here on Tuesday, Kashume said as the country prepares for the 2024 presidential and national elections, it is important for the youth to acquaint themselves and realise how important it is for them to take part in political decision-making through voting.

He said democracy is a new political system in Namibia and many people, especially the youth, do not understand what a multi-party democratic system constitutes.

‘By voting it means when the youth is demanding things to be done for themselves, they have done their part… You can’t demand a clinic, school, road or housing… basic necessities every citizen of our land requires, if you are saying ‘I’m the youth, I don’t want to participate in politics’,’ he stressed.

Kashume said RDP is taking part in the electi
ons and is scheduled to deliberate on the preparation for internal democratic elections on 24 February 2024, which will be followed by a fourth national convention to elect its national leadership.

He further said that RDP will discuss its election manifesto at the upcoming party congress, after which its contents would be made public.

‘There has been a tendency in this country where RDP presents its election manifestos and others go and plagiarise it. We don’t like it very much, but the time will come when we are ready to present our election manifesto,’ he noted.

He also called on Namibians to register their current voting cards as most would have expired.

‘A number of Namibians are looking forward to the RDP taking part in this election and they are determined. It is encouraging for the RDP’s outlook,’ he noted.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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