Residents warned to be vigilant at all times

GQEBERHA – Police in Gqeberha are urging residents not to be lackadaisical and to always be vigilant of their surroundings whether at home or out.

This alert comes after a 38-year-old Linton Grange man and his domestic worker were robbed at gunpoint this morning, 7 August 2021. It is alleged that at about 08:15, the man woke up and opened the door and gate for his domestic worker to enter and went back to his room. As she was about to lock the door, two men ran into the yard and pointed her with a firearm. They entered the house and tied her hands with cable ties before going to the bedroom and also tied the complainant’s hands and feet.

An iPhone7, a Sumsung cellphone, 2 laptops, an Xbox, cash and a TV set were taken. The suspects jumped into a waiting white VW E250 vehicle and drove away from the house in Godetia Road.

SAPS Kabega Park police are investigating a house robbery case. Police suspect that these suspects could be linked to another house robbery which took place earlier in the week in Boundary Lane as the modus operandi is similar. In the Boundary Lane robbery, a Hyundai i10 was taken and is not yet recovered.

Police are appealing to residents to be attentive and vigilant when opening/closing their doors, garages and gates (electronic and manual) to their property. Always look around for a suspicious vehicle parked near your property. Never walk away without checking if the gates/garage doors have completely closed behind you. Being complacent can have serious consequences as criminals pounce when it is least expected.

Residents are also advised to be on the lookout for the white VW E250 and to immediately contact police (10111 Centre) should you spot this vehicle. There are about 2/3 males in the vehicle.

Source: South African Police Service

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