Roodepan SAPS launch #WeWillComply Campaign

The designated firearms officer (DFO) at Roodepan police station, Warrant Officer Viola Nkomombini in conjuction with the local CPF and local liquor outlet owners from Roodepan and Homevale launched their #WeWillComply campaign today at the Sony Leon Library.

The purpose of the event was explained by Warrant Officer Nkomombini and she indicated that owners of liquor outlets were again urged and compelled to adhere to the regulations stipulated in the Northern Cape Provincial Liquor Act 2 of 2008.

In attendance was the Roodepan Station Commander, Colonel Regina Mienies, the CPF Chairperson, Mr Kevin Andrews, the Provincial Commander of FLASH, Colonel Kagisho Diamond, and Colonel Mashay Gamieldien from Provincial Corporate Communication as well as the newly appointed CEO of the Northern Cape Liquor Board, Mr Tshepo Mengo, tavern owners and inspectors from the Liquor Board.

During her address, Warrant Officer Nkomombini informed the attendees that she would be intensifying compliance visits to their premises to ensure that they comply with the conditions set out in their liquor licences.

She also indicated that as SAPS we are unable to police their premises without their support and assistance. The owners are responsible for the safety of their patrons and that should be a priority for them.

During his address, Mr Andrews indicated that the CPF need tavern owners to join the structure and become involved in policing their premises and also the community. He stated that they tend to complain about policing matters, but when block meetings are convened, they fail to attend.

He emphasized that when they sign the pledge, their message will be “We will and shall comply”. The owners must create a better ground and not settle scores.

Col Mienies in her addressed raised her concern that not all tavern owners deemed it important to attend this session today, but none the less they will be visited and they will sign the pledge. She sent a strong message that if tavern owners do not comply she will enforce the law vigorously so.

Legal owners must comply and illegal shebeens will be closed down. She also pleaded with owners to seriously improve the security at their premises and in so doing minimizing crime in and around their premises.

She assured them that Roodepan SAPS is ready to serve and will be intensifying policing in area this festive season.

The newly appointed CEO, Mr Tshepo Mengo stated that those owners not in attendance will be visited by inspectors from the Liquor Board and they will ensure that they comply with the conditions of their licences. Awareness campaigns by his office will be intensified and owners must consider them as partners in a relationship.

He also reminded the tavern owners to renew their licences before 31 December 2019. Failure to do so will result in heavy fines if renewed after January 2020. If licences are not renewed by 31 March 2020, it will be revoked.

He also promised Col Mienies that she would see him regularly in Roodepan to engage with the business owners.

The event was concluded when the tavern owners signed a pledge that will be displayed at their respective premises binding them to the conditions.

Source: South African Police Service